About Me

When I first got to grips with design software, well you could say it was the start of something amazing for me. I loved the creativity and flexibility offered by Photoshop and illustrator and started colouring some of the characters I had been producing, taking my illustrations to a whole new level. So…well after that, I’d made up my mind that design was where I should be and I’ve never looked back.

You could say that design is in my blood. In the days of Cow Gum, drawing boards and Letterset, my dad was designing. But I wouldn't say I always had the desire to follow in his footsteps. That came later.

I have though always had a keen interest in comic books and as a kid, would spend hours inventing and sketching characters of my own.

Now, many years later, I really cannot see myself doing anything other than design. As the years go on, I still love the opportunity to formulate new ideas and try out new techniques, add to my skills and generally be creative. It is always a great buzz to take on a challenge and arrive at a solution that exceeds expectations.

Like anyone though, I do make the most of my downtime and after all, I get my inspiration from all around me. When I’m not designing, you’re likely to find me hiking in the Peak District, racking up the miles training for my first half marathon or trying to look cool on the slopes while learning to snowboard. After all that activity it’s time to try out some new recipes in the kitchen. 

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