This website required me to create a vehicle transportation calculator that can create a instant quote online, this had to work in two steps.

The first step was to get the basic information for the calculator so it can supply the customer with a quote. When this information is submitted a quote is displayed on screen, the proposed route is displayed on the map on the screen; it also send this information to the site owner, giving them the clients information plus the quote that was supplied. It also displays a second form to fill in giving a lot more information so the quote can be adjusted if there are any special requirements.

The first form that is submitted couldn't use standard PHP form submission as it requires refreshing the page, which would reset the page, so I had to look at using an AJAX approach to submit the first form

When it came to the design of the site I looked at his direct competition and decided to give the site an industrial but professional feel as this would be quite a fresh look to this industry.

I used bold colours stripping across the screen to give the site plenty of impact and used hashing stripes to give the site the industrial look I wanted. The client was keen to display the companies he had worked for to show he had worked for big trusted brands, so I created a sidebar down the right-hand side to make them prominent.

The sideshow at the top of the homepage was created with AnythingSlider.